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Did you hear that?

Title: Did you hear that?
Author: abene74
Rating: PG
Pairing: John/Paul
Warning: Sweetness, and spooky fun
Disclaimer: .I am creating this completely from my J/P obsessed mind. It never happened , as far as I know
Timeline: 1959
Word Count: under 500
Summary: The boys visit the old townhall bell that hadn't rung since 1919, when they both had an odd experience
Authors note: This was inspired by Maccaluvrs post talking about Johns songs and the Townhall Bell in Liddypool

It's just about 5 to 10 minutes before 1:00 in the afternoon

      "Yeah, they say that bell there, hasn't rung since 1919.. hey that's 40 years ago!"  John said, with a sideways smile.   "That's ancient history." Paul added.  "Now people have vandalized it.  They'll probably never fix this thing up again.  Would've livened up the place a little....this dreary town...."  John interrupted, "Yeah, when it would've gone, ding dong, ding dong, it'd be 2 o'clock and that means I would only have to look at my professors grotty face for only 30 more minutes, and then it'd be time to go home!" John said cheerfully.  "And when it would go, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, that would have reminded me that it's 3 o'clock which meant I got to finally be done with my studies and can rush home to change out of that stuffy uniform." Paul added, with a light laugh.   John smiled sweetly at Paul, coming a little closer to him.  "And when it would go, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong...." Paul laughed at John, over how silly he sounded, doing it so many times. Singing it into a little song even.  " But John's smile was mixed with some seriousness.  As he looked into Paul's eyes.  Paul listened to him, baring the sweetest expression.  It was all John could do to keep from melting.   "That would mean it's 6 o'clock Paulie.  And by that time, I would either be over yours or you would be over mine. Practicing, listening to music, or just... anything."  He tilted his head, silently adoring Paul's eyes. He smiled again, adding  " That was, and still is my favorite time of the day."   Paul's cheeks gotten slightly red.  Loving the way John was looking at him.  Loving the warmth in his eyes in that moment.  He noticed that John's mood had been very sweet since they arrived at that broken down old bell tower.  They were to be catching the fairy, straight to Hamburg, later on that afternoon.  John had had nervous energy that whole day, when they decided that a nice walk would do him some good.  Paul couldn't have been happier over the change in his spirits.  "I think this is gonna be the start of something big.  Thanks for agreeing to go.  I don't think I could do this without you Paulie."   "Johnnn....there's no other place I'd rather be."    Paul reached over, pulling John in for a quick hug, though he wanted to embrace him much longer.  John sighed when he felt the releasing of Paul's arms.  They were halfway out of eachothers arms when he heard DING DONG!!,  from that broken down old bell.   As a reflex reaction, John squeezed Paul's biceps, holding him near a little longer.  Before he could sort his mind, he noticed Paul had reacted the same way.  Holding onto his arms, Paul leaned into John's ear. Speaking in a slighly alarmed tone.  "John. Did you hear that? Did you just hear that bell ring?"   "Yeah" Looking down to his wrist watch.  "And Paul, it's 1:00 too. But the bleeding thing doesn't work...hasn't for decades"  Frowning, trying to find his dignity, he reluctantly let go of Paul, looking straight up to see if someone was up there.   "Can't be anyone up there." Paul stated.  "It's too dangerous.  Who's up there?!!"  Paul yelled.  Looking up as well. Trying to find the culprit. "Ye gonna end up gettin yerself fuckin killed, messin about up there!"  Paul shouted to no one.  "Hey Paul!"  John said with a nervous laugh.  "There isn't anyone up there.  In fact, look,  there isn't even any chimes or a rope in that thing!!"     Paul's eyes went wide, baring the same scared, but fascinated expression as John.  They bursted out into a fit of panicked laughter as they grabbed eachother and started running.  Far, far away from that bloody bell tower.   As they were running.  Breathlessly, Paul states  "Hey John, I'm ready to go to Hamburg now!"  


Just something fun for Halloween

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Nice little story. Great idea what to do with those bell-discussion on JHP.


Thankyou Astrid. I started with an entirely different idea, and then midway decided to make it the way it was. It was fun. The mention of the bell was in maccaluvrs thread. It was mostly about the bells rang before Johns songs, but towards the end of the post, the old bell tower was mentioned. So I figured hmmm...

HA! Spooked JohnandPaul rules!

This was a cute story! I particularly enjoyed the 'catching the fairy' line, made me giggle--as the actual word is 'ferry'. John would have appreciated the slashy irony.

Hahaa!!! I thought something was up with "fairy" it didn't look right, but my brain didn't think, oh there's another spelling, LOL. I think I'm gonna fix that, or shall I leave it for fun

Up to you. I found it Freudianly charming!

I love Halloween Beatles stories. this one is cute.

thankyou!! If any other Halloween ones come to mind, I'll post it. It was different for me, and I liked doing it

If you scout through my journal, any story labeled Occult Beatlefic is a Halloween story. I've got several and even published one twice!

Okay, sure I'll definately check them out

Hee hee! I'm a little late for the Halloween fun, but I enjoyed it all the same. I love the sweet tender romance you were able to mix in.

Why thankyou! Glad you liked it. It's the first time I've written anything like this before, and I enjoyed it myself

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