Did you hear that?

Title: Did you hear that?
Author: abene74
Rating: PG
Pairing: John/Paul
Warning: Sweetness, and spooky fun
Disclaimer: .I am creating this completely from my J/P obsessed mind. It never happened , as far as I know
Timeline: 1959
Word Count: under 500
Summary: The boys visit the old townhall bell that hadn't rung since 1919, when they both had an odd experience
Authors note: This was inspired by Maccaluvrs post talking about Johns songs and the Townhall Bell in Liddypool

It's just about 5 to 10 minutes before 1:00 in the afternoon

      "Yeah, they say that bell there, hasn't rung since 1919.. hey that's 40 years ago!"  John said, with a sideways smile.   "That's ancient history." Paul added.  "Now people have vandalized it.  They'll probably never fix this thing up again.  Would've livened up the place a little....this dreary town...."  John interrupted, "Yeah, when it would've gone, ding dong, ding dong, it'd be 2 o'clock and that means I would only have to look at my professors grotty face for only 30 more minutes, and then it'd be time to go home!" John said cheerfully.  "And when it would go, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, that would have reminded me that it's 3 o'clock which meant I got to finally be done with my studies and can rush home to change out of that stuffy uniform." Paul added, with a light laugh.   John smiled sweetly at Paul, coming a little closer to him.  "And when it would go, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong...." Paul laughed at John, over how silly he sounded, doing it so many times. Singing it into a little song even.  " But John's smile was mixed with some seriousness.  As he looked into Paul's eyes.  Paul listened to him, baring the sweetest expression.  It was all John could do to keep from melting.   "That would mean it's 6 o'clock Paulie.  And by that time, I would either be over yours or you would be over mine. Practicing, listening to music, or just... anything."  He tilted his head, silently adoring Paul's eyes. He smiled again, adding  " That was, and still is my favorite time of the day."   Paul's cheeks gotten slightly red.  Loving the way John was looking at him.  Loving the warmth in his eyes in that moment.  He noticed that John's mood had been very sweet since they arrived at that broken down old bell tower.  They were to be catching the fairy, straight to Hamburg, later on that afternoon.  John had had nervous energy that whole day, when they decided that a nice walk would do him some good.  Paul couldn't have been happier over the change in his spirits.  "I think this is gonna be the start of something big.  Thanks for agreeing to go.  I don't think I could do this without you Paulie."   "Johnnn....there's no other place I'd rather be."    Paul reached over, pulling John in for a quick hug, though he wanted to embrace him much longer.  John sighed when he felt the releasing of Paul's arms.  They were halfway out of eachothers arms when he heard DING DONG!!,  from that broken down old bell.   As a reflex reaction, John squeezed Paul's biceps, holding him near a little longer.  Before he could sort his mind, he noticed Paul had reacted the same way.  Holding onto his arms, Paul leaned into John's ear. Speaking in a slighly alarmed tone.  "John. Did you hear that? Did you just hear that bell ring?"   "Yeah" Looking down to his wrist watch.  "And Paul, it's 1:00 too. But the bleeding thing doesn't work...hasn't for decades"  Frowning, trying to find his dignity, he reluctantly let go of Paul, looking straight up to see if someone was up there.   "Can't be anyone up there." Paul stated.  "It's too dangerous.  Who's up there?!!"  Paul yelled.  Looking up as well. Trying to find the culprit. "Ye gonna end up gettin yerself fuckin killed, messin about up there!"  Paul shouted to no one.  "Hey Paul!"  John said with a nervous laugh.  "There isn't anyone up there.  In fact, look,  there isn't even any chimes or a rope in that thing!!"     Paul's eyes went wide, baring the same scared, but fascinated expression as John.  They bursted out into a fit of panicked laughter as they grabbed eachother and started running.  Far, far away from that bloody bell tower.   As they were running.  Breathlessly, Paul states  "Hey John, I'm ready to go to Hamburg now!"  


Just something fun for Halloween

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Don't know if this is for the discussion, but this stuff just came to mind.  Wanted to write my thoughts about Paul and it turned into what caused the Beatles to break up.  IDK

Paul:  Well, for starters, I love that man.  He is by far, my favorite Beatle, my favorite musician overall.  And I think he's too adorable for words.  And he'll always will be.  Personality wise, I think he's sweet. Not too sweet, like abnormal, but has an even temperment, for the most part.  He is a gemini, so he can get a bit cold too.  He is a control freak, but only because he thinks that he can do it best. Can take what you give him, understand it, and make it better, on top of his own contributions.  Prolly made things tense in the group. But with that, I think he got this way because most of the time, HE could fix it and do it better. He can take an idea and translate it perfectly where others would get stuck. And that bruised their ego. Especially Johns.  He has a passion for what he does.  Drugs and relationships, never distracted him from his passion.  His drive was tolerable when they all were on that level, but when they all started slipping, esp. John, drugs or relationships getting in the way, Paul  appeared to be taking over. He took over because he had to.  They all weren't ready to throw in the towel yet on the group, but didn't want to contribute that much, and slacked off.  Paul had to do double time, which fueled his own controlling side. If he became intolerable towards the end, they should have picked up the slack and taken innitiative, showing that their  ideas and opinions were valueble and not put Paul at the helm all the time.  Then , he wouldn't have been so dominant.   What gets me is why were they all so bitchy about the group, and how it wasn't fun anymore.  How Let It Be was going to be their last album, even though it wasn't spoken, it was kind of the feeling.  But then they were talking about the contract and whatnot with Alan Klein.  Did they have intentions to continue had Paul signed off on it?  That part just kills me.  I don't wanna blame my Paulie, but could they have continued if he'd just signed off on it? To imagine what they would have done in the 70's, ahh the pain.  For something like that, a wonder group, to fall apart after only 10-11 years!!!  Drax 

That Particular Day, Chap 4 John's POV
Title: That Particular Day, Chapter 4 John's POV
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sweet feelings, past angst and sexual content
Disclaimer: .I am creating this completely from my J/P obsessed mind. It never happened , as far as I
Timeline: 1961
Word Count: Under a  2500 ords, I'm sure
Summary: Paul and John are working on a
new tune, when John begins to realize there is way more to their relationship
Author's Note.  This is Johns POV, taking from the door scene

   Paul. Such a sweet name. Such a sweet face. In the
beginning, after we met, my other mates, either in the band or from around the neighborhood 
would wonder, 'Why do you hang out with such silly face, little boy?' He was
year and half younger. His cheeks were chubby, and had big hazel eyes. His face
was almost 'too cute', that it made him look funny. Like a baby even. He acted a
little square. Didn't curse as much as the others, and didn't drink or smoke,
yet. Courteous and polite to strangers, and had manners, even when he didn't
have to have them. But despite his charming demeanor, he was strong person,
mentally and physically.  And despite his sweet looks, he was no sissy when it
came to someone trying to giv'em a lark. I've seen Paul stand up to a bloke or
two, who were even older, and a bit bigger then he.  But of course if they'd got
the upper hand, I'd cripple them myself.

     But with that said, Paul still was a bit reserved. Very
even tempered, but I was able to see past that.   I could see that there was
more to him then meets the eye. He had suffered the lost of his mother less then
a year ago by the time we met, and this loss had driven his desire to make
music.  To learn, to create, to get better.  Always to get better.  He had
confidence and raw determination.  There was a fire under that sweet looking
exterior. and I would be there to add fuel to the flames.  We both saw each
others potential more then anyone else could.  We were the same in so many ways,
and  were also each others opposites.  We made up for each others lacking's.  I just
don't know where my life would be right now, hadn't I met Paul.
    Of course he can be a bit of a perfectionist and
workaholic, and it can drive me mad at times.  We don't always get along
perfectly, but I love the way things are between us. Even though he can be a
bossy son-of-a-bitch.  I wouldn't have changed it for the world.     Well, may
be some changes are good. Being with a friend that you can get completely
absorbed with, and have such a emotional connection with, the lines can start to
get a little blurry.

      Sometimes, looking at him, I can see myself.  I
could see the past, present and future. And I see this with him.  After me mum
died, he comforted me like no other could.  Just being there helped.  Just Paul,
being Paul, was enough.  After this, we were practically inseparable.  Looking
back, I regret the distance I put between us after I've met Stu.  It hurt
him.  But when it appeared that he was beginning to move on, I ended up only
hurting myself.   I love Stu, don't get me wrong, but my Paul...he's
irreplacable.  After I realized what an idiot I had  been, I asked him to come
along with me to Spain. Just the two of us.   We'd hitch up there, and I'd pay
for everything.  Financed by me birthday money I received from one of my
aunties.  During that trip, something changed.   On our way there, we stopped
off in Paris.  We ended up staying, and those long days and nights, in the
City of Lights, alone with him, had cemented our bond.  I believe it
was then, I had fallen for him.

      When he stood at his bedroom door, looking
completely worried.  Afraid of my reaction, I had to go to him.  I had to tell
him how I've felt as well.   When I held him in my arms, for the first time, in
that intimate way, I could feel the heat rising off of his soft skin.  We held
each other so tightly, I thought I'd go through him.   Breathing in his lovely
scent, made me so high, I thought I'd lost almost all senses.  All I could do is
thank him.  Thank him for being so brave and telling me how he felt, not knowing
my reaction.  Because of this, I could finally hold him the way that I've always
wanted to for years, and especially since Paris.

        I was still kind of afraid of this.  This thing
we have between us, but in that moment, all I wanted was to taste his
mouth.  When I went to reluctantly kiss him, he was right there with me.  When
our mouths met, it was soft and sweet. Filled with love.  His luscious lips were
all mine.  No more daydreaming about them, they were mine now.  He was mine . 
Our hips stayed pressed tightly together the whole time.   The deeper the kiss,
the more our bodies began to move against each other.   The kissing became quite
heavy, and wanted to taste more of him.  Feel more of him.  I grinded my hips
into his, with so much force, it pushed him up hard against his door.  I'm glad
his dad and brother got lost for the day.   Because I had lost all control.  And
so did he.   I licked and sucked all over that creamy, soft skin.  His neck,
shoulders, face, chin, I couldn't get enough.  I wanted more.   Paul wanted for
us to go to his bed.  The thought of anything in the bed with him, made me so
incredibly hard, I thought I'd explode.

     We managed to get to the bed, clumsily. and then
the clothes started flying off.    We both had too much pent up feelings to wait
for a special moment.  There was no stopping it.   Flesh to flesh, the pleasure
was achingly good.  "Oh John, this feels soooo good." He moaned in my ear.  His
slim, but firm and solid body, writhed against mine.     The pre-cum made our
friction slick, and  increased the pleasure.   Damn it, he felt so good.  He pushed
his hips up, meeting my every thrust against his  body.  "Damn it Paul, don't
you dare stop"  I said, while my heart was pounding out of my chest, I thought it'd
stop.   Cocks gliding right up against each others, in the most delicious way. 
But I still wanted more.  Sometimes there'd be a brief separation between them,
and I needed it. I needed that feeling to not stop.    I had reached down,
grabbing  our cocks together , and pumped them both.  The pleasure was too
much, and I started to shoot out.  As I was cumin, Paul grabbed my head so we
could be facing, eye to eye as we came.  I could feel his hips begin to buck,
and he started to gyrate his hips, sliding his member in and out my fist, while sliding
against my member, as I stroked us both.  "Ohh John!...ahhh damn it! "  He breathlessly said, as he intensly stared into my eyes.   "Paul....Paul....baby...I love you." I said as I blinked back the tears, as we both cried out each others names in the most sinful way, as we rode it out together.   The level of passion between
us that particular day,  was unbelievable.  There would be no turning back. 

That Particular Day, chap 3, Paul's POV
Title: That Particular Day, Chapter 3, Paul's POV
Author: abene74
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: John/Paul
Warning: Sweet feelings, emotional, and juicy sexual content
Disclaimer: .I am creating this completely from my J/P obsessed mind. It never happened , as far as I know
Timeline: 1961
Word Count: Under a 2500 words, I'm sure
Summary: Paul and John are working on a new tune, when they realize there is way more to their relationship then it seems.
Author's Note: This is Pauls POV, it is continueing on from John's POV

    Most people in our inner circle find it a little hard to deal with him.  They find his personality to be unpredictable.  His humor to be, off colored.  And his temperment for some can be too much to handle.  Things aren't always peachy between me and John, but I understand him. Well most of the time.  I get him. And my life is better with him in it.  He brings a part of me more alive.  A part that has always been there, but unless provoked, lies dormant.   I am pretty even tempered, and friendly, but sometimes it feels insincere.  I have a hard time with showing people that raw side of myself.  John knows how to draw that out of me.  I felt that raw energy when we first met.  We're like Yin and Yang, the sun and the moon...yeah, I know it sounds a bit soft and daft, but this helps me come to terms with falling in love with a man.  I've never been attracted to men, and still am not, except for John.  But this magnetic energy cannot be denied.  It started with the emotional connection.  And it eventually manifested to a physical attraction.  
   He's self conscious about the way he looks.  Yes, he does have unique features, but I find them all so attractive.  His aquiline nose and almond shaped eyes.  He almost looks asian.  His little red lips and those rosy cheeks.  Even the way his front teeth are a little crooked in the middle. *sigh*   I'm hopeless.  And most importantly, John can be so sweet.  A sweetness and sincerity that he rarely shows to anyone else, but shows it to me, unsparingly. 

     At first, after my moment of confession, I felt terribly miserable.  What started to me, as a moment of bad judgement in allowing my emotions to get the best of me and possibly ruining a good thing I had with John, ended up being such a huge relief.  I still felt so overwhelmed with my feelings, and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.  But my fears were mixed with joy. Absolute joy and relief. I wasn't alone. John cared about me.  He told me that he loved me too.  He then pulled me into the most intimate embrace I've ever felt.  Feeling the warmth of our bodies together was intoxicating.  After always having to keep a safe distance, accept for slight touches of the hands or knees, this felt too good to me, I didn't want to let go.  Arms securely wrapped around each other.  Bodies squeezed together so tight, God help anyone who would try to separate us. We stayed like that for a good while.  I felt John's breathing on my neck.  His warm, sweet breath, ghosting over my skin as he slowly started to withdraw his embrace.  But only by a little.  We both quivered as we loosened the vice grip we had on each others bodies, all the while our groins managed to stay desperately pressed together.   He nudged my face with his.  Slowly and shyly, making his way to facing me.  Damn it he's so beautiful.  I blinked in absolute awe, readying to tell him this,  when he broke the silence first.    He softly raised his hand and rested it my cheek before he spoke.  "Thank you Paul.  Thank you for being so brave."  He leaned in and I immediately responded, meeting him halfway, and we kissed.  It was wet, sweet gentle, then needy.  It slowly became desperate and passionate, but us being us, tried to keep it under control.  But after a while, there was no use.  Our bodies began to respond to one another's.  I silently thanked the heavens that no one else was home as John grinded into me, which pushed me flat up against the door.  Breathlessly he managed to speak again.   "You are SO beautiful Paul."   I arched my groin into his as he continued to grind me into oblivion and desperately placed kisses all over my mouth, chin, and neck.  Sucking and licking my collarbone as I ran both of my  hands in his soft auburn hair.  He sucked and kissed his way back up to my neck and back to my awaiting lips. 

    "Oh John, you feel sooo good.  I..I...can't... umm...the bed"  was all I could manage between heavy breathing and mind-numbing desire.  We clumsily tried to walk to the bed, without parting our bodies.  Legs knocking into each other, toes being stepped on, but nothing else mattered.  The heat growing in between our legs superceded everything else.   You have to remember.  As sentimental as we felt then, we were also very young men.  Young and horny young men.  The strength of the love between us, combined with the lust that had taken over....like I said, God help anyone who'd dared to try and separate us.  We managed to get to the bed, kissing, and touching every part of each others bodies.

    . Shoes being kicked off, pants un zippering, and discarded along with underwear, T-shirts being pulled over heads, messy heads of hair, and kissed swollen lips.  Then finally young, naked and aroused bodies collide, falling onto the  sheets.  Grinding our hips together, uninhibited by clothing, drove us mad.  I arched up into his body, while he continued to grind against me in the most delicous way "Mmhmm...yes. Macca..oh don't you dare stop."  He cried into my neck..  " Ahh....fuck Johnny..th..this feels sooo gooood"   I told him  Panting into my ear he then reached down and  stroked both of our cocks together at the same time.   That pushed me over the edge and I could feel my climax very near.  John's body began to quiver as he began to shoot out his passion.  The slickness of him and the friction he was still creating, pumping us both together, drove me out of mind with passion.  My climax hit me so hard, I thought my heart was going to stop.   I grabbed the back of his hair, holding him facing me.  His forehead against mine, staring into each others eyes as we both rode out our climax together, it was beyond amazing.   I can't describe it as anything else but absolute, and mind blowing ecstasy.  There is no turning back now.

That Particular Day. John's POV
Title: That Particular Day, Chapter 2
Author: abene74
Rating: PG
Pairing: John/Paul
Warning: Sweet feelings, angsyt and emotional
Disclaimer: .I am creating this completely from my J/P obsessed mind. It never happened , as far as I know
Timeline: 1961
Word Count: Under a 2000 words, I'm sure
Summary: Paul and John are working on a new tune, when John begins to realize there is way more to their relationship then it seems.
Author's Note: This is taking off from the first chapter. I did this in John's POV, and it also continues on a little further on then Paul's POV.

Chapter 2

    I didn't know what came over me that day. It was a feeling that I had in the pit of my stomach from the time that I opened my eyes. After the grogginess cleared, my first clear thought was of Paul. We had planned to work on a few songs together that afternoon, at his fathers house. I treasured these moments we had together. Sitting across from each other. Legs occasionally grazing. Bouncing ideas off each other. Inspired by each others energy. I swear it's like we do it on purpose, passing it off as if it's random. I noticed that the last time we were working together at Mimi's, there was a tension between us. Intense looks between us, but then again it might just be me. I mean, yeah sometimes Paul seems to maybe be going through what I'm going through. But then again, I can't imagine it's even close to what I'm feeling. I would guess that he just really looks up to me, and the rest, for the most part, is just in me head. At times we'd just hang out together like regular ol' mates, but then again, that's usually when we're also with George and Stu, or some other mates. But when we're alone, we become different. Closer. May be even a bit selfish. We get so wrapped up and all things John and Paul, at times it feels as if no one else matters. But the thing is me and Paul have been close since day one. It's just had grown and grown into this. Whatever this is.

    That particular day, which hadn't been too different from any other day we've practiced, alone, accept for the fact that what I've felt for him seemed to have been magnified. I found it hard to concentrate. I've always admired that adorable face of his, but this time I felt like I was under a spell. Whenever he spoke to me, I couldn't stop staring at his mouth. The only thing that could tear me away from them, was those big, doe'y eyes. But I would manage to gain some composure and get back to work, practicing a new and difficult chord change. And while playing, if he started to sing, trying to create a new melody, my eyes would go back to where that lovely sound was being produced, which were those juicy, luscious lips. I felt my face go flush many times that afternoon. I don't usually feel shy around Paul. Even when things get a little intense between us, but that day, I felt so bashful. It was as if at that very moment things were changing within me, and I no longer was in control of it.

    At one point it seemed as if Paul took notice of how much I'd been staring at him. He started to stare back. For the first time I found it hard to hold his gaze. I then began to focus on my playing. Finally finding the right chords and hearing Paul playing along with me, the melody began to take shape, all the while those exotic eyes remained on me. Of course sometimes he'd look away, down to his guitar, but only briefly. I licked my lips nervously, and continued to play. But then I noticed Paul's playng was starting to go out of synch with mine. Often you lose your rhythm if you don't have a backbeat, but then he had slowed to the point where we were completely out of synch. I finally found enough courage to bring my eyes back up to his, just to inquire, questioningly saying his name, "Paul?" Right then, in that very moment I couldn't look away if I wanted to. The look in his eyes, the magnetic energy that I felt between us.... it's just too hard to explain. I felt completely overwhelmed, and by the look in his eyes, he was feeling something too. He looked like he had just noticed something about me for the first time. Something he'd never seen before.

    He responded by only saying my name "John". His voice quivered as he said it. He slowly lifted his guitar over his head, and layed it safely aside on top of the bed, never letting his gaze drop from mine. I can't believe this could be happening! Is this really happening, was all running through my head. Can this beautiful man feel about me, the way that I feel about him? He looked down at my guitar, gesturing me to do the same as he. And those intense, gorgeous eyes, again, were right back, staring into my soul. As soon as I lay me guitar down, his hand is pulling mine for me to join him on the bed. With flushed cheeks, bravely he began. "John, listen, please don't run from me, or be disgusted with me, but I have to tell you something." He adjusted himself on the bed a little and continued. "John, I've been feeling this way, more or less, since the day we've met. Eccept now, I can't control it anymore. I can't carry on pretending that I don't have feelings for you". Paul confessed, his eyes beginning to well up. " I can't pretend anymore because..... I'm in love with you." He looked away in shame as a tear began to slide down his cheek. He began to look anguished, and started to panick, regretting it. Regretting that his emotions got the best of him. He got up off the bed walking towards the door, but remembering this was his house. "John I'm sorry, please......" I quickly met his side, by the door. There was no way I'd let him go through this alone. "Paulie, love..." I turned his face towards mine gently and put my other hand behind his head. Massaging his soft brown hair with my thumb. He knitted his brows together, with a look of question. " Paul, love, don't be afraid. I feel the same as you do. I'm in love with you. I'm scared to death about this, but you have to know that you're not alone with this. Come'ere Paulie" Pulling him into my arms, we just shakingly held each other for a long while. Trying to absorb what had just happened between us.


That Particular Day

Title: That Particular Day
Author: abene74
Rating: PG
Pairing: John/Paul
Warning: Sweet feelings, emotions
Disclaimer: .I am creating this completely from my J/P obsessed mind. It never happened , as far as I know
Timeline: 1961
Word Count: Under a 1,000 words, I'm sure
Summary: Paul and JoUhn are working on a new tune, when Paul is coming to terms with what he's feeling.
Author's Note: My first short story.  I wrote a couple under the prev name Paulies_girl, not sure why I couldn't get back in under my old name, maybe it was deleted since it had been a while.   

That Particular Day, around 1961

   He sat there across from me, like usual. Working on new material, as the way we've done since '57. This was our method. Facing each other, me in a chair, across from him sitting on the edge of the bed. Or two twin beds, which we'd push closer together to close the gap between us. We felt each others energy better when we sat close.  Legs lightly brushing each others at random.  Well this particular day the brushing didn't quite seem random.  To think about it now, most of the times, I believe we deliberately would allow these touches between us.   He sat across from me in his denim jeans and black T-shirt.  He was wearing his black framed Buddy Holly glasses and his cheeks looked rosy.  I loved when his cheeks would go all flushed. Usually it happened when he was bashful or embarrassed about something, which was rare for John. But this time, I wasn't sure where it came from. 
    I noticed his eyes kept watching my lips whenever I  spoke or sung a new line.  His sleepy eyes would gaze down at them then back up to meet my eyes. I started to melt under his stare.  It started becoming distracting.  We would be really making some progress on a line or chord change, and then the gazing would start up again. I would be lying if I were to say it bothered me.  I used to feel a little uncompfortable with how close he would get to me. Now it wasn't because I didn't feel the same, but at that time,  wasn't sure what I felt. But eventually I realized that it wasn't just plain admiration that I had for John,  He was beautiful. I relished in the idea of being his partner. I loved that it was just me and John and then everyone else came after. Then I started to feel more then that.  Deep down inside, I wanted more. I never felt that way towards any man or boy in my younger years, so it was foriegn to me. But after a while, it was all too familiar to feel that way whenever we were alone.  Sometimes we could just hang out like regular mates for the most part, but there was always that underlying feeling of intimacy between us. But when we were alone, it was ever so present.  The thing is, prior to that day, I knew we were close and I had feelings for him,., But I wasn't sure if John felt the same way. Sure, I picked up on some signals, but I didn't know to what extent Johns feelings for me were.
     It seemed as if he noticed that I noticed he was staring again, and he started concentrating more on his chords.  Keeping his eyes on his own hands and gracefully moving his fingers up and down the neck and picking at the nylon strings.  Now,  I found myself staring.  The way his nose pointed downward and that strong bridge peeking out from his glasses.  His bottom lip was wet from licking it while carefully selecting each chord to create a new melody. Those sweet looking lips. They were as rosy as his cheeks. My eyes followed down to look at those beautiful hands of his.  I've admired his hands since the day we met, but I've only mentioned it to him once that I thought that he had nice hands.  Afraid of sounding too soft, I've never mentioned it again after that slightly irritated look John gave me.  But this time, they looked more beautiful then ever.  Matter of fact, that moment, John looked more beautiful then ever. He realized that my playing became slow and out of sync with his as he slowly looked up at me.  "Paulie?" he asked, just saying my name.  My eyes locked with his. There was a magnetic energy between us that I find hard to explain. I felt my face go flushed this time. In that very moment I realized then that I was in love with him. 


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